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====== NEW CONTROL SCHEME ====== SET UP VERTICAL MOVEMENT 1 - Place ethereum compressors on each corner of your "ship" Build them by placing a 2x2x2 cube of ethereum compressor panels and right-clicking them with a VW wrench

2 - Connect all of them to a lift lever using network relays and wire

Infuse it with physics and your ship is ready to go up and down SET UP FORWARD AND BACKWARDS MOVEMENT 1 - Build the ethereum engine Do it by placing ethereum engine parts in a 2x2x3 structure and right-clicking the the middle bottom block of one side with the wrench

The axis will point to your right

Place a gear box there

Basically the gearbox has 1 input and 5 outputs. Each of the 5 outputs will always rotate at the same speed no matter what. They rotate with angular velocity proportional to that of the input side. The value of that proportion is 1 by default, but can be -4, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, or 4. That value is controlled by the chadburn. Using the wrench sets a side to be the input 2 - Place gigantic propeller parts in a square than can be from 3x3 from 7x7 with the one in the middle touching the gear box

Right-click the one in the middle with the wrench to build it

And your ship should start moving To control the speed connect the gear box to a speed telegraph using relays and wires

SET UP THE SHIP ROTATION 1 - Place rudders Note: use stabilizers to keep your ship straight on

Build the rudders by placing pillars made from rudder axles that can be from 2 to 6 blocks high (the can go over or under your ship but they must be in vertical position in order to rotate your ship)

You know what to do

2 - Connect them to a ship helm (wires can go through solid blocks)

And that's all ! You're ready to conquer anything above the surface!

This tutorial was made by @paufg


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